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Master Agile, Google Design Sprint®, Design Thinking and to accelerate your projects 🚀

💫 Join our exclusive masterclass and learn how to use these project management methods to turn your ideas into reality.

✅ Why is this Masterclass crucial for your projects?

Whether you are an employee looking to innovate within your organization, an entrepreneur wanting to launch your startup, or simply a person looking to evolve or retrain professionally, this masterclass is made for you. Learn to think differently, organize your work more effectively, and create innovative solutions that make a difference.

✅ What you will learn

🚀 Google Design Sprint®: Learn to solve problems and test new ideas in just five days.
🚀 Design Thinking®: Learn to understand the needs of your users, define problems, develop ideas, and prototype solutions.
🚀 Agile & Scrum®: Master Agile methodologies to manage and plan projects, improving productivity and the quality of your work.
Explore our free video (french) that offers valuable insights into Agile. This detailed session will give you an overview of how Agile works, its benefits, and how you can implement it in your business context.

✅ About the Masterclass

In this masterclass, I share valuable tips and effective strategies for mastering these three methods.
I guide you through real examples and case studies to help you understand how to apply these methods to your own projects.
Our interactive and group workshops offer you the opportunity to put your new skills into practice.
Also, meet like-minded professionals and create connections that can help you on your journey.
After this masterclass, you will have the tools to transform your ideas into concrete solutions or prepare professional certifications with our certified experts.

✅ Testimonials

✅ Discover my book

For those looking to deepen their understanding of Google's Design Sprint methods, Design Thinking, and Scrum, I've written a detailed book on the subject, which is currently available on Amazon. This book offers additional strategies, detailed case studies, and further exploration of each method. It is a great resource to complement the lessons learned in the masterclass.
Buy the book on Amazon:

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